Retail Store Business Consultants. Specializing in Greeting Cards and Gift Shops.

Shop Arista has decades of experience in helping small business owners go through the process of setting up their business and staying on top of inventory, billing, lease negotiations, and more.

Cards for all Occasions

Cards for all Occasions

Greeting Cards are ALWAYS welcome. People love getting cards... and giving them too!

Family Activity

Family Activity

Greeting Cards help kids participate in family activities and learn to express themselves.

Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards

Sending a Birthday Card is one of the easiest ways to stay connected with friends and loved ones.

greeting card business consultant in new york and floridaGreeting Card Distributors & Small Business Consultants

We are greeting card distributors and consultants for the Forget Me Not brand of greeting cards. Contact us at ShopArista for all of your greeting card needs.

The Total Addressable Market for Greeting Cards is more than $8 Billion, with $6.5 Billion generated annually here in the United States. For 30 years, our greeting card consultants have helped entrepreneurs and retail store owners participate in this ever-changing industry.

It is not just greeting cards in retail stores; wrapping paper, gift bags, gifts-with-purchase, collectibles, party favors, party decorations and more. The greeting card industry is constantly evolving, and we are here to help you grow right along with it!

Our friendly consultants have more than 30 years of experience in the Greeting Card business, working with inventory, suppliers, logistics, store layout, retail decor, accounts receivable/accounts payable - and more! And we are here to help.

Greeting card display can augment other businesses, like shipping centers and gas stationsContact Us

We can be reached by phone and email. Office hours in New York are by appointment only.

We help entrepreneurs outsource small business tasks, as we believe even small businesses can be assisted in an affordable way.

Over the years we have learned the ins-and-outs of running retail shops, card stores and other small businesses, and we know we can help you navigate the process and start and manage your small business successfully.